Our approach to this business began as just that – all business. As a partnership of 4 very different individuals, we were looking for a business we all felt good about both financially and ethically. We clearly saw the advantages in the type of simple, yet scientifically advanced benefits offered by floating. But it only took one experience for each of us to become believers!

We are all type A people with extremely busy personal and professional lives. None of us truly believed that 60 minutes inside an ‘egg with warm water’ would provide us all the amazing immediate (total relaxation and stress release) and residual (better nights sleep and less overall aches and pains) effects. We now know we made the right decision to bring floating to Kentucky!

We look forward to sharing all the wonderful advantages of floating with you!

Tim & Michele Bowling, Martha L. & Michael Salsman

Cloud Nine’s Vision

Floating on Cloud Nine is committed to providing you with the highest quality flotation therapy experience available anywhere. We believe that our spa exists to help our customers live a more comfortable and enjoyable life. Our goal is to set the standard of excellence for the float spa industry.