All you need is 60 minutes to begin to enjoy the benefits of decreased stress & anxiety, chronic pain and improved sleep quality.

Imagine where your mind could go, how healing would come if you could completely quiet your body. In our spa float tanks,
you’re treated to an amazing weightless experience. In water temperatures that match your body’s own internal temperature,
you float, suspended in a bath of Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate – a mineral of which nearly every person on the planet is
deficient. As you float you absorb and increase magnesium and sulfate levels, calming your nervous system and enhancing your
body’s natural ability to heal. Aches, pains and stress fade away. Vitality is renewed. You emerge like a new person.

Enjoy this extraordinary feeling of deep relaxation and renewal any time you want
through our float therapy at Floating on Cloud Nine, located in Louisville, KY.


• Migraine relief
• Sleep improvement
• Relief from fibromyalgia and other disorders of the muscles and joints
• Reverses the effects of arthritis
• Improves digestion


Endorphins are released by the brain as you float. These powerful natural pain relievers promote a sense of well-being. Floating can be considered a short cut to achieving the deepest state of mind, and well being.


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Recommended for new and
experienced (hooked!) floaters.
No monthly minimum.

2 Floats/Month
$99 per month

2 floats per month
2 month minimum

1 Float/Month
$49 per month

1 float per month
3 month minimum

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Purchase any membership or package and receive an additional 60 minute float session for $29.00.

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Military Service Men & Women, active and  retired – Cloud Nine appreciates you!

We offer all past and present service personnel a 25% discount everyday. Please show your Military ID to receive the 25% discount on a one hour regularly priced float.

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